Defibtech Lifeline ECG AED

Defibtech Lifeline ECG AED

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Product Description

Meet the AED that’s taking easy-to-use to a whole new level. The Lifeline VIEW family of defibrillators are the first and only AEDs with video in full-motion color. The Lifeline ECG offers professional responders the ability to view step-by-step instructional videos, or ECG information. Additionally the Lifeline ECG can be used in a non-diagnostic ECG monitoring mode, to allow for rhythm and heart rate monitoring using standard ECG electrodes.
  • Video Display
  • ECG Display
  • Monitoring Mode
  • Showing How to Save Lives and Giving You the Confidence to Do it
  • A Personal Coach at Your Side
  • Real-Time Protocol Selection
  • Is Your Device Ready for Rescue? The One Touch Status Screen Lets You Know
  • Ruggedness and Durability
  • Award-Winning Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Easy to Record and Transfer Data
  • Safe and Effective Life-Saving Technology

Accessories & Replacement Parts

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